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The Garden

"The Garden" is a song that expresses the healing and peace that come—even after terrific adversity—when we turn to the Savior, the Master Gardener.
Track #4 - He's the One
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Vocal Range: a - d2
Key Of: C
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The Garden
I have a garden;
A lovely garden,
Far away from snares and earthly cares and storms and strife.
Sweet flowers grow there
From seeds I sow there,
In the haven of the garden of my life.

For many years the weeds choked out the flowers' roots,
But then the gardener came to tend the fragile shoots.

Now in my garden;
My lovely garden,
He is casting out the weeds of doubt that mar my soul.
He longs to feed me.
If I eat freely,
All my sins He'll take, and He will make me whole.

Within my garden;
My lovely garden,
I find refuge from my cumbersome and painful scars.
I feel Him heal me.
I pray that He'll be 
Ever there within the garden in my heart.
How I long for Him to dwell within my heart.

Copyright © 2011 by Norma Boyd
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