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The Day the War Hit Home

The song, "The Day the War Hit Home" tells of our family's experience when my husband and three of our sons were called to fight in the war against terror. It tells of some of the sacrifices our soldiers and their families make to protect and preserve our freedom in this land.
Track #2 - Freedom's Price
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The Day the War Hit Home

He had a wife and a tiny baby son.
He was just a few short weeks from his graduation day.
They had so little in the way of worldly goods,
For the cost of education was a heavy price to pay.
But their penny-pinching days would very soon be at an end,
For offers of employment were already pouring in.
Then a phone call changed their future,
And it shook their very souls.
That was the day the war hit home.

The day the war hit home,
He was called to serve his nation.
His plans were put on hold
On the day that the war hit home.

And now his dad and two brothers have been called
To leave family and friends and to jump into the fight.
They go off bravely, 'though they leave their hearts behind,
For their dedicated loyalty for country burns so bright.
Every soldier has afflictions that deployment ushers in.
They'll miss some big occasions that will never come again.
They began an unplanned future,
Leaving all that they had known
That fateful day the war hit home.

The day the war hit home,
They were called to serve their nation.
Their lives were put on hold
On the day that the war hit home.

Now the loved ones that these soldiers left behind
Have a call to serve their country,
But their call's a different kind.

Now every evening a wife tucks children into bed.
She alone is there to comfort their nightly childhood fears.
A son looks forward to high school graduation day,
But a dark spot mars his joy because his dad will not be here.
A daughter has a wedding while her father fights a war,
But like the others, she accepts the cause he's fighting for.
A young wife will have a baby, and she'll do it all alone
Because one day the war hit home.

One day the war hit home,
They've been called to serve their nation.
Their dreams are put on hold
For one day the war hit home.

Copyright © 2011 by Norma Boyd
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