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Our President

In a time of increasing political divisiveness, it is important to remember the need for civility and respect for everyone—especially for the man who holds the office of President of the United States, the office that represents us to the rest of the world. This song reminds us of the value of every American patriot, regardless of their political beliefs and/or affiliation and the need for unity in defending the American way of life.
Track #11 - Freedom's Price
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Our President
Let's show honor and respect for our president,
The leader of the U. S. of A.
While we may not agree with his policies,
We should respect him just the same.
For the president's a mere human being,
So much like you and me.
He glares when he's mad,
Cries tears when he's sad.
When he's happy he laughs with glee.

Let's show honor and respect for our president.
He tries to do the best that he can.
While he can't solve all problems quite perfectly,
That doesn't mean he's an awful man.
'Though the president's a man of great power,
His limits are quite clear:
He can't fix our mess
In ten days or less.
He can't make problems disappear.

Let us treat our fellow beings with charity, 
And tolerate their partisan views.
If we fail to consider their sentiments,
Contention grows, and all will lose.
We can disagree without being vicious,
As grownups ought to do.
Remember your foe . . .
Is human, and so . . .
Treat him just like he should treat you!

Copyright © 2011 by Norma Boyd
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