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Mine Are the Hands of Jesus

The song, "Mine Are the Hands of Jesus" coveys the message that we are Jesus' hands. We are the ones who do His work here, so our works, our words, and our hearts need to be in line with His.
Track #12 - He's the One
Track #2 - Feeding the 5000 Families: 20 Years of Music
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Mine Are the Hands of Jesus

Mine are the hands of Jesus. I am His hands,
And as the hands of Jesus, I understand
That I must do His work and follow His plan.
My hands belong to Jesus. They'll do the best they can.

Mine is the mouth of Jesus. His words are mine.
In every word I utter His light will shine.
I'll try so hard to do and say what He would.
My words belong to Jesus. They must be kind and good.

I'll live my life for Jesus, do things His way.
I try to be like Jesus more every day.
I long to do His bidding with all my soul.
I'll let Him be my Savior. I'll let Him make me whole.

I give my heart to Jesus, my kindest friend.
I'll be His faithful servant until the end.
That Jesus be my Master, this is my choice.
I want to serve my Jesus with heart and hands and voice.
I want to serve my Jesus with heart and hands and voice.

Copyright © 2001 by Norma Boyd
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