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Let Us All Work Together to Feed His Sheep

"Feed His Sheep" is a jaunty tune that has a great message about helping others. It works great as a sing-a-long.
Track #7 - Feeding the 5000 Families: 20 Years of Music
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Vocal Range: c1 - b1
Arrangement: Solo
Key Of: C/D
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Let Us All Work Together to Feed His Sheep

Let us all work together
To feed His sheep.
Let us join our hands together
And feed His sheep.
It will make the world much brighter,
And our hearts, they will be lighter
If we join a little tighter
And we feed His sheep.

Let us follow His teaching
And feed His sheep.
Always striving, ever reaching
To feed His sheep.
Of His love we'll have a sample,
And our blessings will be ample
If we follow His example
And we feed His sheep.

Let us work a little harder
To feed His sheep.
Let us be the Savior's partner
And feed His sheep.
There's a purpose to these verses:
We can hamper hunger's curses
If we open up our purses
And we feed His sheep.

For the children and the babies,
Let's feed His sheep.
With no ifs or buts or maybes
Let's feed His sheep.
When the Savior's love excites us,
We'll put differences outside us,
And the Holy One will guide us
As we feed His sheep.

Copyright © 2005 by Norma Boyd
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