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The Parable

The song, "When You Did It unto the Least of These . . ." is a paraphrase of the parable Jesus told in Matthew 25. Whatever we do to anyone—even the least of all people—it is like we do it to Jesus.
Track #10 - Feeding the 5000 Families: 20 Years of Music
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Vocal Range: a - c2
Arrangement: Solo
Key Of: C
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The Parable

There's a parable about a kindly King
Who called His people before His throne,
And He said to them, "All I have is yours.
This I give to you for the love you've shown.
I was thirsty; you gave me drink.
I was hungry; you gave me something to eat.
When my soul was locked in prison,
You came to comfort me."

Then the people said, "My Lord, we are confused,
For never did we give aid to You,
But if You had come, we would gladly share.
We would do whatever You ask us to,"
And they asked the King, "When did we feed You
Or see You thirsty and give You drink?"
Then the King answered so lovingly,
"When you did it unto the least of these,
You did it unto Me."
When we feed the very least of these,
We do it to our King!

Copyright © 2007 by Norma Boyd
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