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Over The Hill Parties

Norma also enjoys performing at over-the-hill parties for those turning 30, 40, or 50. For these occasions, Norma dresses in a black dress, wears a black hat with a veil over her face, and brings a bouquet of dead roses wrapped in black tissue paper to present to the victim . . . er, recipient. The song she sings is entitled, "Over the Hill". You can read the lyrics for this song free of charge on this website. Simply let your courser hover over the "Sheet Music" tab and click on "Lyrics," click on "Just for Fun," then click on "Over the Hill," and the lyrics will appear. Additionally, the sheet music and recording are available for purchase from this page. If you are interested in having Norma perform at an over-the-hill party for one of your friends or relatives, please contact her at (208) 254-9334 with the details.

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